VIPM (Vascularized In vitro Perfusion Module)

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences patented and patent pending vascularization technologies provide a flexible, customizable, and effective approaches at integrating microvasculatures for in vitro assay, tissue fabrication, vascular model, and a variety of other applications.

Available as three different, vascularization product lines, our Microvessel PlatformIn vitro Perfusion Module (IPM™), and Vascularized IPM™ (VIPM™) represent a complete vascularization solution addressing the need of a wide-spectrum of applications. The ability to recapitulate a microvascular perfusion in vitro, via the integration of rapidly fabricated microfluidic channels (IPM) and native microvasculatures (VIPM), has a significant impact in a number of areas. For example, in drug and therapeutics discovery and development, a vascularized tissue mimic with perfusion profoundly changes the predictive ability of screening assays. Additionally, incorporation of a perfused, functional microvasculature (Microvessel Platform), which is capable of adapting to match tissue-specific functionality, into tissue fabrication protocols fully enables the promise of regenerative medicine and tissue replacement approaches.

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