Inkredible + / Cellink

The INKREDIBLE 3D bioprinter is a pneumatic-based extrusion bioprinter with dual printheads and UV LED curing system for bioprinting of complex human tissue models and organs for tissue engineering research. It is a cost-effective unit for innovators to enter the 3D bioprinting field and start bioprinting living tissues at ease. It can be used as a standalone unit thanks to its LCD controller or it can be monitored through a computer with the use of the accompanied software. Your three-dimensional CAD models are translated into coordinates and instructions for the INKREDIBLE to allow the bioprinter to move according to a defined path. The bioprinting process works through the extrusion of a bioink or hydrogel biomaterial combined with human cells in a bottomup, layer-by-layer fashion until a 3D construct is built. Once the construct has been bioprinted, it is crosslinked using the UV LED cu

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