Holograph X leverages high-resolution holographic stereolithography to bioprint extremely small structures.

The proprietary multiphoton laser system prints biocompatible materials with up to 150,000 points of light per second to produce a user-generated structure. Users can rapidly print high-resolution structures that replicate human capillaries and ultra-fine extracellular matrices. The printing process is nontoxic and can be performed in the presence of cells.

  • We use a high-energy laser to print a true-to-form holographic projection of a researcher-designed or developed 3D CAD file.
  • The laser light projection of the 3D image is transmitted into a liquid biopolymer and crosslinked in milliseconds. After printing, the structures can be washed with PBS or water and used immediately.
  • Printed structures have a shelf-life of up to six months at 4° C. The biopolymer is transplantable and compatible with extracellular matrix deposition.
  • Structures can be seeded with numerous cell types and grown under standard tissue culture conditions.

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