3Dynamic Omega

3Dynamic Systems Omega Tissue Engineering Workstation is a dual extrusion 3D bioprinter used to generate heterogeneous tissues using a printable bioactive gel, protein growth factors and scaffolds which mature into living tissue structures. 3DS easy to use technology has been designed to allow for a greater adoption of bioprinting research and further innovation in the short-term by enabling researches in the field to effectively produce experimental tissues and multiple tissue types on demand.

The 3Dynamic Omega is a purely digital machine which is more effective at depositing complex biological-based fluids. By varying the deposition speed, the layer resolution can be altered. Additional methods using multiple biomaterials can also be used to integrate printed tissues with 3D scaffold fabrication. Various hydrogels-based materials can be used for depositing a scaffold, including fibrin, poly (lactide-co-glycolide) which is porous, agarose and alginate.

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